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 Haha it's been months since I've actually posted anything here. I'm embarrassed to say that I had forgotten about it. I didn't mean to; I did, in fact, mean to keep it up and to write a bit every day. But that went way out the window.

I have no excuses for that tbh. Mainly I've been reblogging things to tumblr and procrastinating on all the fics I've been wanting to write. I'll hopefully try to be better. Maybe I should get myself some prompts in order to inspire myself.
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So pottermore has the patronus test up, finally. it's something we've been waiting for for a long time, and I'm glad it's available. It was kind of a disappointing quiz; it seems quite a few people were disappointed by it, myself included. I've taken it a bunch of times, on multiple accounts, and I've gotten a different result each time.

My results were as follows:
  • bay mare
  • deerhound
  • salmon
  • black and white cat
  • rhinoceros
I think of all of these, the cat is the one that I connect to once. They're my comfort animal, the one that I feel most connected to. My daemon is a sand cat who sometimes also takes the form of a grey tabby house cat. (His name is Caladon, Cal for short, but this is neither here nor there! I have thought about it a lot, though, ever since I have first read His Dark Materials, and it has changed many times over the year - from raven to wolf to chipmunk to lion before finally settling on sand cat.)


So the cat is, I think, what I will settle on as my patronus. It probably also would be my animagus form. And I am satisfied with that.

(I love to think about what all of my partners and powers and things would be if I were in those worlds. Here are a few:

under the cut )
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 The house with rooms that shift is on the property where the archives are, and that's the house that Josie stays in while she works on her project. I was going to make her live awhile away, but I like the idea of the house being relevant to the plot, even years later, and I like the idea of Josie living in it. 

Perhaps the government discovered the house, and when they noticed it was Strange, they built their archives near to it. I will think more on it when it it's not 2 am.
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 I think I have decided what I want to write for NaNoWriMo this year. I wavered over an idea I have been mulling over an idea for awhile, but for some reason it hadn't been inspiring me. I'll talk more about that idea at a later date, but the bare bones idea that I think I want to write came to me today.

I want to write about an archivist (her name is Josephine "Josie" Williams) and she's doing cataloging for a government agency (tentatively called "the Department of Oddities") wherein she discovers all sorts of strange things and finds herself in the middle of a government conspiracy to cover up such things as magic and strange animals and societies of people who were thought to be horror stories and houses that shift and create strange rooms.

She works with documents and memoirs and notes and journals, etc. probably spanning from the 1600s to the present day. (Roughly, it follows the colonial history of New Jersey, where I want to set the story. The archive will probably be a building somewhere in the Pine Barrens.)

Some of the people Josie encounters:
  • Helena Ward, werewolf, present day [a rare visitor to the archive, looking for info on her family]
  • Samuel [No Last Name Yet], mage, 1740s [founder of the Princeton College of Magics]
  • Annie Ward, werewolf, 1860s [relative of Helena]
  • James Anderson, architect, 1820s [builds a house that is almost alive]
  • Lucy McMillan, kitchen witch, 1930s-40s [weaves magic into knitting and cooking]
I'm sure that I will want to add more as the idea takes shape. But I hope this idea sticks.
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 I think that I am going to sign up for Yuletide this year. It seems like fun, and maybe I will get fun Unicorn Chronicles fic, because that is a fandom that I have always wanted more fic of. The series is near and dear to my heart , but it's sorely lacking in the fandom community. I should reread the series and maybe play around in the world myself, too.

For now, my main projects involve hockey RPF and Hetalia. My preferred hockey RPF pairing is controversial for Reasons (which, well, are fair enough, even if, after following the case, I don't believe he did what he was accused of) and as a result I am terrified of the vitriol of the larger portion of the hockey fandom. The people who are left are lovely, but part of me wishes there were somewhere else to post our fic so we could stay away from each other. But AO3 is my preferred fic archive and I'm not willing to be run off.

Anyway, that fic is a retelling of East o' the Sun, West o' the Moon, which is my favorite fairy tale. It's been slow going though. My Hetalia fic is AmeCan (of course, heh) and involves the language of flowers, which is one of my favorite things.

Of course, most of my writing recently has been for my Dragonriders of Pern RP. We have just received wher eggs for our characters! I am looking forward to that hatching and the cutie inside. I've also been practicing coloring dragons, because my friend and I eventually want to prepare an RP site of our own, and I like to design dragons.

I should focus more on my projects, because I've been feeling really inspired lately, even if I haven't been getting very much done. I just... want to write things, and participate better in fandom. So I'm going to try.
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 On the one hand, I have gotten some nice feedback on the fic I wrote for the exchange. It makes me happy to see people have enjoyed it! It's certainly gotten more attention than the last couple of things I've written for Hetalia which, to be fair, were state oc things. (Although, not gonna lie, sometimes I'm a little put out by the fact that all the popular state oc fics are basically variations of the same basic premise, and they're usually terribly written stereotypes instead of interesting characters. But that's neither here nor there.)


What I mean to say is that reception has been pretty good so far! But I haven't heard anything back from the prompter. I don't know if they liked the fic, or if they've even seen it. Tumblr's known for sometimes eating messages, but I don't know if it did or if the recipient is just ignoring it. Or if, once again, I'm being too impatient or overdramatic about this. But it doesn't appear that they have posted anything for the exchange, and it doesn't seem like they've noticed their gift at all.

If they dropped the exchange and didn't tell anyone, I'll be kind of annoyed. If they dropped the exchange, told the admins that they were dropping and the admins didn't tell me, then I'd also be annoyed. But I dunno if any of that actually happened or not. And I'm not sure how long I should wait before asking if they got their gift. I think maybe next time I will have to try out a different fic exchange. (I don't even know where to start with that, tbh. I guess I will have a look around.)
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 So I've participated in the AmeCan Summer Exchange over on tumblr, and our gifts were due today. I post to AO3, as per usual (I have mostly stopped posting fic directly to tumblr; after they changed their search feature, it's really hard to get people to see your things unless you specifically type "/tagged/whatever" in the address bar) and send a link off to the person I was writing for. (Fic can be read here; it's nsfw.)

Anyway, I have been periodically checking to see if my gift recipient has said anything; I've seen that they're active on tumblr because they're reblogging new things. When I notice that they haven't said anything, I remind myself that perhaps they're busy, etc. etc.

That's fine. I get it.

The thing that is more concerning, honestly, is that only myself and one other person have posted our gifts. I haven't received mine yet. And there's radio-silence from the people running the exchange. They did send out a reminder of the due date on the 23rd, but there've been no posts from them today, the day that the gifts were due. I try to remind myself that the admins are busy, too, but it's harder to have sympathy for the other people who are supposed to post their gifts today.

We've had over a month to write/draw/make fanmixes/whatever for the exchange. I've been part of exchanges where the fic I was to receive was late, or where the person originally matched with me dropped without saying anything, and I had to wait for a pinch hitter to come in and write for me. It sucks. It sucks a whole lot, and it's kind of frustrating me that the exchange has been going so weirdly slow this year. 

Hetalia is kind of a frustrating fandom to write about in general, especially because the two biggest pairings for my favorite character (America, hah) are two of my NOTPs. I got way more feedback for the singular hockey RPF fic that I wrote recently, even though my corner of the fandom is isolated. I've been in the Hetalia fandom for eight years and have gotten less feedback. I try not to whine about it, because I should put my money where my mouth is and comment more myself (not that I have been reading much Hetalia fic, recently) but it just... It makes it hard to find the desire to continue writing things for Hetalia.

And I feel like I'm being overdramatic about this, but if this fic exchange is going to be filled with people who don't finish their gifts, then I don't think I want to bother with it again, even though I've had luck with them in the past. It makes me wary of other fic exchanges too. I want to participate more and better in my fandoms, but this makes it hard to get the drive.

It's also still the 31st. Maybe I'm complaining too much, too soon. Maybe this evening, I'll see all of the gifts posted. But it's 8:30 PM EST, and the only people who have posted are still myself and one other person, and it shouldn't be too much to ask to expect that all of the gifts get posted on the day that we all agreed to when we signed up for this exchange, right?

ETA: Spoke too soon about the exchange hosts! They reblogged the other fic though not mine, heh. There still aren't any other entries posted though. I guess if I don't get a gift, I should ask about it tomorrow.

ETA2: Now they've reblogged my fic! Still no other posts though.

ETA3: lol I feel like I was definitely overreacting now; I have a gift, and it's a lovely gift. It still seems like not that many have posted things though. I guess we'll see how it goes, but I'll be disappointed if there's not more stuff, because I am looking forward to all the AmeCan.
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 It's an interesting thing, I think, to start up a new blog. I spend most of my time on tumblr, where I have been for about four years now. I spend more time reblogging things on that tumblr than I do actually posting content. My own voice gets lost in it, I guess. 

I hadn't thought much about using Dreamwidth--when LiveJournal was popular, it wasn't really my thing. My fannish pursuits were elsewhere, although there were a few communities I lurked on. I lurk on a few communities here, too, but you know--

It might be nice to have a place to catalog some of my writing, and perhaps some of my reading too. I want to be better about logging the things I encounter and the things I love. So here's to hoping I can keep it up! 

(as an aside, the title of this blog is from the song The Selkie, by Iona Leigh. It's very lovely.)


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