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 Haha it's been months since I've actually posted anything here. I'm embarrassed to say that I had forgotten about it. I didn't mean to; I did, in fact, mean to keep it up and to write a bit every day. But that went way out the window.

I have no excuses for that tbh. Mainly I've been reblogging things to tumblr and procrastinating on all the fics I've been wanting to write. I'll hopefully try to be better. Maybe I should get myself some prompts in order to inspire myself.
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So pottermore has the patronus test up, finally. it's something we've been waiting for for a long time, and I'm glad it's available. It was kind of a disappointing quiz; it seems quite a few people were disappointed by it, myself included. I've taken it a bunch of times, on multiple accounts, and I've gotten a different result each time.

My results were as follows:
  • bay mare
  • deerhound
  • salmon
  • black and white cat
  • rhinoceros
I think of all of these, the cat is the one that I connect to once. They're my comfort animal, the one that I feel most connected to. My daemon is a sand cat who sometimes also takes the form of a grey tabby house cat. (His name is Caladon, Cal for short, but this is neither here nor there! I have thought about it a lot, though, ever since I have first read His Dark Materials, and it has changed many times over the year - from raven to wolf to chipmunk to lion before finally settling on sand cat.)


So the cat is, I think, what I will settle on as my patronus. It probably also would be my animagus form. And I am satisfied with that.

(I love to think about what all of my partners and powers and things would be if I were in those worlds. Here are a few:

under the cut )
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 It's an interesting thing, I think, to start up a new blog. I spend most of my time on tumblr, where I have been for about four years now. I spend more time reblogging things on that tumblr than I do actually posting content. My own voice gets lost in it, I guess. 

I hadn't thought much about using Dreamwidth--when LiveJournal was popular, it wasn't really my thing. My fannish pursuits were elsewhere, although there were a few communities I lurked on. I lurk on a few communities here, too, but you know--

It might be nice to have a place to catalog some of my writing, and perhaps some of my reading too. I want to be better about logging the things I encounter and the things I love. So here's to hoping I can keep it up! 

(as an aside, the title of this blog is from the song The Selkie, by Iona Leigh. It's very lovely.)


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